About Us

Second Chances Counseling is a provider of outpatient and intensive outpatient counseling services in Los Angeles, CA as well as life and relationship coaching services online anywhere, anytime. We work with individuals, couples, families and children.

At Second Chances, we have a team of expert mental health clinicians helping our clients create the life that they want and deserve. We are here to help guide you to heal your unresolved emotional wounds and provide you with the tools to transform your life. We believe that no one should suffer in silence, and that everyone deserves a Second Chance.

Unresolved issues can lead to rocky relationships, family issues and more serious disorders such as anxiety, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction, among others. At Second Chances, we go beyond the symptoms such as anxiety and sadness and treat its underlying cause.

At Second Chances, we believe in treating the whole person. We achieve this through a multidimensional, integrated approach and tailor treatment for what is best for each individual. Each person will receive an extensive evaluation by taking a look at all areas of their lives: Love, Work, Play, Mind, Body, Soul.

Second Chances Model – Our model focuses on the whole person, including the underlying issues that impact a person’s well-being as well as being based on the truth that the more you focus on the problem, the bigger the problem gets. The more you focus on the solution, the bigger the solution gets. We are committed to helping you find solutions. We focus on our client’s strengths and previous successes rather than on past failings and problems. We believe that the clients, themselves, possess the knowledge and wherewithal to solve their problems. With collaboration and co-construction of answers between the client and therapist, change begins to occur.


To find out how to regain control of your life, contact Second Chances at 323-547-2662.


We can help guide you through a Better Marriage, Better Divorce and Better Parenting

Eris Huemer Winans, PsyD, LMFT
Co-Founder, CEO, Clinical Director

Dr. Eris holds a doctorate degree in marriage and family therapy and guides people all over the world toward making positive and lasting life changes and reinventing themselves from the inside out. Through her books, media appearances, seminars, social networking and counseling center, Second Chances, Eris shares her special brand of wit and insight holding up a mirror to the face of relationships in modern society. Through these mediums, she helps people gain an understanding of who they are and what they love, as individuals, independent of their love relationships, get through internal roadblocks, and then use that knowledge to create the life they deserve.

Dr. Eris believes in treating the whole person (Mental, Physical, Career, Finance, Environment, Recreation and Relationships), while drawing from an eclectic blend of therapeutic approaches and techniques including CBT, Solution Focused, Mindfulness, Psychodynamic, Depth, Play, and more. She takes a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to looking at people’s personal experience and helps them through their relationship stages while helping them create a Better Marriage or a Better Divorce while inspiring them to become Better Parents.

Dr. Eris has shared her expert advice on the psychology of sex, love, breakups, divorce and other human behaviors on HLN’s Dr. Drew On Call, Nancy Grace, Jeff Probst Show, Hallmark Channel, NPR, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, KiiS FM with Ryan Seacrest and others. She was a star of Bravo TV’s LA Shrinks and author of Break-Up Emergency: A Guide to Transform Your Break UP into a Break THROUGH.

Dr. Eris co-founded Divorce Doctor in light of her own life story.  She, herself, is a child of divorce. This process was excruciating for her and she wanted to help other families have a Better Divorce, by giving them the tools and support that she didn’t have. Her past has become her life’s mission to help as many couples and individuals let go of their personal baggage, stop repeating the same patterns, and create healthier relationships – even in the most difficult times.

Clayton Winans
Co-Founder, CMO, Coach

Clayton is the co-founder and Creative Marketing Director of Second Chances International, Divorce Doctor and co-author of Break-Up Emergency: A Guide to Transform Your Break UP into a Break THROUGH. Through creative media and writing with Dr. Eris, he inspires people to take a real look at themselves, their lives and their relationships by showing them how to focus on making decisions to have a Better Marriage or a Better Divorce, while inspiring them to become Better Parents.

Clayton co-founded Divorce Doctor in light of his own life experience.  He is a child of multiple divorces, which inspired him to find tools to help other children and families going through similar circumstances. He coaches people to break through unmanageable relationship cycles with a Solution Focused and Mindful approach. He does this by having people look at all areas of their lives: Mental, Physical, Career, Finance, Environment, Recreation and Relationships. His commitment is to help you transform your life into one of purpose, peace and joy.



Emily Jody, MA, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Emily Jody is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT90739) with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University. Emily uses authenticity, directness, honesty, compassion, and nonjudgmental truth to help individuals, couples, and families move from feeling stuck and incapable of change to a place of freedom and relief.

Emily believes in creating a safe environment so individuals feel the freedom to confront their underlying issues and move towards long lasting change. Her main objective is to help others experience more meaningful, satisfying and authentic lives.

She offers an eclectic approach, including Psychodynamic, Object Relations, Emotion-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, and Family Systems. Emily also specializes in the treatment of individuals, and their families, with eating disorders.

Johanne Preciado, MA, MFT, LPCC
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Johanne Preciado is a bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (CP2148, LMFT45443) specializing in individual, children/adolescent and family therapy. With over 13 years experience as a therapist, she works with a broad spectrum of clients. Among her areas of expertise are trauma, depression, anxiety and working with children birth to five. She has experience in providing group therapy and workshops in a variety of topics, including but not limited to, parenting, self harming behaviors, women’s empowerment, youth self esteem and social skill building.

Johanne is an interactive, solution-focused therapist. Her therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She integrates complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client. With compassion and understanding, she works with each individual to help them build on their strengths and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

Johanne additionally trains and mentors in a variety of evidence-based practices including PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy) and Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP), which are programs geared towards treatment of  infants and young children. She is skilled in assisting families needing support with children’s mental health issues and provides home and school visits in order to assist the family creating sustainable plans inclusive of all the children’s natural supports to truly succeed in carrying out change.

Aaron Smith, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Aaron Smith is a licensed psychologist (PSY 30696) who is passionate about working with adults who are seeking assistance for depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance use disorders. Dr. Aaron collaborates with clients to facilitate mental well-being and a state of emotional congruence. Additionally, he empowers individuals to enhance their lives through increased self-awareness and relational support.

Dr. Aaron’s approach to therapy is strength-based and interpersonally informed. Furthermore, he believes support is most effectively cultivated through a relationship that promotes safety, compassion and respect. Clinically, Dr. Aaron draws from a range of therapeutic techniques including Solution Focused, CBT, DBT, ACT, and Mindfulness.

In addition to his doctorate in Counseling Psychology through the University of Wisconsin-Madison and masters degree in Counseling granted from Michigan State University, Dr. Aaron also received training in co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders through an internship, as well as a post-doctoral fellowship, with Tarzana Treatment Centers.

Natalie Carpio, MA, AMFT
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Natalie Carpio values the idea that everyone wants to be genuinely heard. She works with a wide range of issues, including, anxiety, depression, adjustment, self-empowerment, childhood disorders, relationship/family concerns, trauma, and other mental health issues, while creating more meaning and purpose in one’s life. Natalie works collaboratively with her clients and builds upon their strengths to become their most powerful tool. Natalie encourages shifts to promote healthy expression, communication, and self-love, which will in turn, help one bloom in other aspects of their lives.

Natalie graduated with her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy (IMF82702). Natalie has been working with children, adolescents, adults and families in various settings. She values her ability to meet the needs of individuals by building a supportive, safe, and warm environment, that includes an open-minded style with encouragement and creativity.

Natalie is certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which helps clients earn their power and strength back after a distressing experience.  Natalie integrates mindfulness, guided imagery, challenging distortions, positive talk, relaxation, and play into therapy depending on her client’s need. Natalie uses Cognitive, Humanistic, Solution Focused, and Positive Therapy as treatment modalities.  Natalie incorporates family systems, while keeping the client in mind as priority in the therapeutic relationship. Natalie values her unconditional regard for her clients and her ability to connect with them in a genuine and open minded.

Prescilla Cardenas

Prescilla is Second Chances’ Business Manager. She strives to carry out the mission, vision, objectives and values that make Second Chances a comfortable and safe place to grow. By overseeing each department in their functions, her goal it to make sure that each client that walks through our doors receives the utmost and personalized care.

Brook Leganza

Brook provides  administrative  assistance  for Second Chances, working hard to ensure that our clients get the care they deserve.